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"Without the help of its many members, Key Club would not be able to achieve what it has to this day! The members are the driving force behind the organization's service activities and strength."

This page is in dedication to the members of our district in the hopes that they could get some reward for the amazing work they have done. If you want to reward any member for the hard work they have done please fill out the Member Nomination Form below.

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2020-2021 Member Highlights

  • Harini Kannan

    JP Stevens HS · Division 14 · President

    "She has been a part of KeyClub since freshman year and always made sure everyone was on task. She has also made sure every event we had was in order and communicated with us. She did most of the work for our school's Key Club."
    - Kaylie Chan

  • Ashley Hernandez

    Clifton HS · Division 18 · Treasurer

    "She attended several RTCs (from memory I’d have to say at least 5). She has dedicated so much of her time to fulfilling her position, and often takes on a much bigger role than treasurer in guiding and leading her club. She has dedicated so much of her time to helping the Clifton Key Club, through fundraisers and events, and helping the Clifton community. She does this on top of her already very heavy course load."
    - Abigail Loeb

  • Amber Anfuso

    Matawan HS · Division 10 · Member

    "I have met Amber before being elected as LTG, and I have always noticed how much of an outstanding Key Clubber she is. Amber actively communicates with me and helps relay all necessary information to her club's officers - her passion really motivates others to go above and beyond! Her enthusiasm for all things Key Club related is truly inspiring and uplifting to myself and so many others, I am so lucky to know such a sweet and responsible Key Clubber!!"
    - Kaitlyn Lee

  • Jackson Liang

    Egg Harbor HS · Division 2 · President

    "Jack has been doing an outstanding job as club president and has shown his compassion and dedication to his community throughout his term. He has helped to organize a various amount of events and continued to lead his board and club through these difficult times. He has overcome many different barriers and always comes up with solutions to any problems that arise in a timely manner. He has also been very active on the district level by attending both days of RTCs and keeps great communication with other officers in the division as well overall."
    - Natasha Iqbal

  • Chidubem Uzoma Ubanii

    Union HS · Division 15 · President

    "Chidubem is a great asset to the club, especially as president. Her ambition and compassion in the club translates through everything she does. Despite these troubling circumstances, she has managed to maintain a positive attitude, great leadership skills, and has helped come up with ideas to keep the members active in their community."
    - Kiara Torres

  • Nicholas Polidoro

    Bloomfield HS · Division 18 · Webmaster

    "Nick is one of the hardest working people I know. He always makes sure that everyone is on top of things going on in the club and if they need help he is sure to be the first one to be there. He is one of the most active members in our key club. And we are so glad he is apart of our board!"
    - Camilla Andrade

  • Kenneth Sicat

    Monroe Twp. HS · Division 11 · Member

    "I know Kenneth as a very motivated member of Key Club. Despite the quarantine lockdown, he managed to find alternate ways to help the community such as teaching virtual sign language classes and collecting digital cards for essential workers at a hospital. He was also recognized as the Key Clubber with the most volunteer hours out of the club."
    - Isabel Umali

  • Julianna Rose

    MATES HS · Division 7 · Secretary

    "Julianna was a newly elected secretary for the MATES Key Club for the 2020-2021 school year. She has taken on her role head on and has already begun to get things underway for this service year. She has organized our folder with important docs that everybody on the board needs access to. She has also begun to reach out to others via google form to get ideas for a project that our Key Club can complete that can be tied into this year’s district project if possible. She really has begun to fill her role and get things done for this club."
    - Abby Stephens

  • Jesse Fusco

    Brick Memorial HS · Division 8 · President

    "Jesse has always been a huge asset to Brick Memorial Key Club! This Year he stepped up as President and even before then he has been leading our club in both service events and general meetings! He is an amazing leader and always is serving his home, school and community in the best way possible. I am so glad that he is my president!"
    - Anthony Caruso

  • Jackie Anderson

    Toms River HS · Division 7 · President

    "Jakcie is always enthusiastic about Key Club and committed to improving North's Key Club. This year she is transitioning from Webmaster to President and we are all excited to see the wonderful things she's capable of! Jackie always trys her best to attend Divisional Council Meetings and communicates well with all her Key Club officers."
    - Lexi Pereira

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